Product Roadmap

Q1 2019

Marketing task board and workflow management.
Browser push notifications via journey.
Sync to Facebook custom audiences via automation.
Ecommerce dynamic content suggestion in email and landing pages.
Simplified Pricing model.
Social media engagement inbox.
Social notification panel.
Landing page auto-SSL provisioning.
Partner portal enhancements.
Facebook review, ads feed, Instagram hashtag search.

Q2 2019

Deep e-commerce integration and workflows.
Automation visual builder optimization.
Landing page and email builder optimization.
Contact and field optimization.
Custom event trigger in automation.
Social alerts optimization.
Chunck email sending.

Q3 2019

Engagement based smart email send.
Add Google Analytics tracking and tagging to emails and landing pages.
Exclusive growth Academy program.
Add custom tagging to automation.
User communication preferences.
In-app push notifications to journeys.

Q4 2019

Revamped site popups and web-messaging.
Introduce predictive and AI to the core VBOUT engine.