We are proud and excited to introduce to you the all-new and enhanced platform. Here’s a breakdown of what has been added and changed:


Custom Dashboard

You can now create multiple dashboards for different users or purposes. Choose from a variety of report widgets covering email, social media, automation, lead funnel, Post calendar, website visits and more.

Switching from one dashboard to another is a simple drop down action.

Custom Reports

Each report can be easily shared by email (downloadable PDF or Image) or simply viewed online using a tokenized URL.

Recurrent reports can also be sent to multiple recipients, daily, weekly or monthly. Finally, we made those reports customizable with your own cover page and branding.

Optimized Contacts View

We added a new way to manage your contacts collectively, from multiple lists and segements, onto one screen.

We made the filtering and searching function super easy so you can see the stream of contacts joining your lists on one central screen.

Each contact now has their own profile page that details all important tracking and filtering metrics.

Optimized Social Media View and Social Streams

Managing your social calendar and moderating multiple social channels is now easier then ever.

Flexible Posting Options

Mass Posting is a new function that provides you with the ability to upload up to 500 posts from an excel file. A very practical way to save time for active social media buffs.

Custom Posting is also a new feature that you can use to recycle social media posts such as event reminders, monthly specials and more.

Instagram Commenting and Hashtag Tracking

Offering you the ability to comment on Instagram posts directly from your Vbout account as well as tracking hashtags side by side with Twitter.

The sad thing is that Instagram still have not allowed scheduling via their API, BUMMER!


Powerful native Salesforce connector, Zapier, Wordpress, Woocomerce, Shopify, Magento and many more on the way. For convenience we created some ready Zaps to help you connect Vbout to your favorite CRM.

Landing Page New Dynamic Content Blocks

We’ve released few additional blocks to equip your landing pages with engaging tools that help leads take action faster:

  • RSS Blocks
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Buy Now blocks (PayPal / Stripe enabled)
  • Add To Calendar Action

Email Marketing New Dynamic Content Blocks

Similar to leads on landing pages, we want your contacts to take actions right from within your email campaigns, so we introduced Dynamic Blocks for email templates.

  • Buy Now CTA (PayPal / Stripe enabled)
  • Youtube Video Blocks (Gmail handles this one nicely)
  • Event Countdown Blocks
  • Add-to-Calendar Buttons
  • Live Updating RSS Feeds

That’s not all. We are always on the lookout for the latest trends in optimizing conversions and click-to-action. So expect to see more!


Fully Revamped Dashboard

Rebuilt from the ground up. We sifted through best usability practices, limitations, problems and reviews from their user base, then set out to build a better version of it all.

The new dashboard is clean, focused on easy navigation, with a compact left menu options and feature-purpose hierarchy.

Color Themed Tools

You will notice that each tool has its own color skin from SVG icons, buttons, active links and mouse over elements. Each set of features has a completely different underlying processes wizard, data table customization and alert boxes.





Product Tone and Personality

We changed the way notifications show on the platform. Following a simple and lighthearted tone, we were able to recreate over 300 engaging alerts and messages.

Enhanced Charts

We replaced the old charts with an improved version that has many useful functions, like better chronological reporting, downloadable chart options and on-screen annotations. Charts also load faster, are more fluid and render nicely on different devices.


In the next few months we will be adding enhancements to our landing page and email builders, more channels of communications on our journey and other cool roll-outs.

Finally, I want to personally thank our loyal customers who have given us enough feedback to get here as well as the hard-working team who worked tirelessly to get the stack to where it is today.

I wish you all happy marketing!

Claim your VBOUT account today and enjoy marketing.