Through VBOUT’s integration with Shopify, you are allowed to do the below functionalities:

  1. Connect your Shopify account with your VBOUT marketing automation platform for FREE.
  2. Automatically add users to different email lists on VBOUT based on their cart abandonment or completion.
  3. Easily automate your customer journeys and track their in-depth engagement.

Once you connect Shopify with your VBOUT account, the platform will be able to track data that results from your customers checkout process on your Shopify store. If your customers don’t proceed for checkout, VBOUT will automatically add these users to the abandoned cart list.

In addition, you can create your customer journey maps and automation workflows on your VBOUT account. Once VBOUT collects your customers information from Shopify, you can target them with a custom journey and different followups based on their actions.

What can you do with this app?

  1. Sync user information into VBOUT.
  2. View a list of customers that abandoned the checkout.
  3. View a list of customers that completed a purchase.
  4. View customers recent orders details.
  5. Create a customer journey based on their lists above and create additional follow-ups and timed actions once you create them from your VBOUT account.
  6. Send nicely designed mass email campaigns to target the lists above from your VBOUT account.
  7. View in-depth customer metrics.

If you want to get started or you need any other information about the VBOUT – Shopify integration, visit this page.

For more integration related topics or any other information, please visit our help center.